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Alex Mallory


Outside of his impressive career as an entrepreneur in the education sector, Alex Mallory also loves to golf, a pastime he picked up in his childhood that has grown to play an important role in his life.

As the child of two art historians, growing up Alex Mallory’s summers were often wide open, affording him time to learn how to golf, and learn he did! His family spent a lot of time in Bradford, Pennsylvania during the summers, and across from their home was a country club with a golf course that was relatively inexpensive and open. Since his father was an avid golfer, Alex would often accompany him on the green, and by the time he was four years old, he was playing about 18 holes of golf a day during the summer; by the time he was eight or nine, he was up to 36 holes of golf. Starting in golf so young, children’s clubs and equipment weren’t readily available, so Alex’s father would cut down adult-sized clubs for him to use instead, helping him build and develop his skills from a young age.

As he got older and honed and refined his skills, Alex Mallory started getting more serious about golf and getting in on the tournament circuits. It was around this time that golf developed from a pastime into the center point of Alex’s life. He fell in love with competitive golf as he got better and better, and eventually started to travel around the country to compete in different tournaments. The older he grew and the better at golf he got, the more golf started to become a way for him to secure his spot at a good university. He became the Captain of the golf team his senior year and was an Academic All-American as well.

Throughout his life, especially at the inception, Alex Mallory’s interest and career in golf have been driven by his father. From cutting down clubs as a child to coaching him and supporting him throughout his athletic career, Alex’s father played a formative role in his athletic development.

In his professional career, Alex Mallory is the Founder and President of Competitive Edge Tutoring, where he helps students in New York prepare for standardized testing and the college application process, as well as tutoring in subjects like English, Sciences, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and more!

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