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One of the most beautiful things about the game of golf is the fact that it doesn’t discriminate based on your age. There are professional opportunities for young teenagers as well as senior citizens, and everyone in between. What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is that you don’t have to develop a multi faceted game like Tiger Woods, Phil Michelson, or Bubba Watson to make it as a professional golfer. Many of us struggle with some aspect of the game of golf, and most often it’s putting. You may be excellent off the tee, but struggle to find the bottom of the cup when you make it to the green. Good news! There’s an opportunity for you to make it as a professional golfer as well!

While many of us are familiar with the PGA and LPGA tours, what you may not know is that there is a professional tour that competes in “longest drive competitions.” Maybe you’re a weekend golfer that doesn’t really fit into the “country club” type mold that many professionals seem to be; that’s even better. The World Long Drive Tour embraces the grass roots type feel that makes you enjoy what you and your friends do at the driving range on weekends.

While it does still remain important to consistently practice, this branch of professional golf embraces the part of the game that many of us enjoy the most: the long ball. While you do need to check on some specialized equipment for your new venture, your primary focus just has to be on increasing your swing speed.

Not only is golf beautiful because it doesn’t require you to be within a certain age range, it also doesn’t require you to fit into any sort of personality “mold.” With options like the World Long Drive Competition, all you have to do is work on increasing speed, perfect hitting the “sweet spot” of the ball off the tee, and see how far you can launch one. Long Drive competitions actually pay up to 6 figures, which means your dreams of hitting it rich playing golf aren’t as out of reach as you may have believed.