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In the US sports industry, disparity in the composition of teams has always been a major issue. There has not been evidence diversity across the lines of gender, race, and across social-economic lines in different games, such as basketball, golf, and tennis. Much of this is gradually changing through incentives put in place by institutions and individuals.

According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, only 6 percent of the college golfers are of the minority origins. In addition, over the last 20 years, the number of African American golf players has dropped by more than 50 percent; from 1.5 million to about 800,000. This is a substantial drop that is indicative of the worst to expect in the future.

Stephen Curry, a three-time basketball champion, has been on the forefront when it comes to championing for change and inclusivity in golf at Howard University. The champion’s love for golf has made him make a resounding offer of a seven-figure donation to the learning institution in the bid to revive diversity in golf.

Stephen Curry’s donation plan is largely geared towards providing scholarships to persons of minority origins who have an interest in playing golf and wish to study at Howard University. The scholarship is expected to attract more talented golfers who have no way of accessing education to make it to the university in the bid to breathe a new lease of life to diversity in the game.

In addition, the donation is expected to make playing golf at Howard University much more affordable than before. Affordability is one of the crucial factors that have, for the last decade, pushed away more students from exposing themselves to the game.

At Howard University, golf has always been a major game in the institution’s 152-year history. There is expected to be created a Division I team to play alongside the existing Division II golfers. The university will now dedicate more towards training, coaching, and scouting for talented golfers.

Part of the donations by Stephen Curry will go towards funding the acquisition of equipment and attire for the new golfers. The involvement of Curry in funding golf at the learning institution is expected to draw the participation of other prominent persons to take a similar cause. Curry’s donation is expected to have some impact only if the program is sustained for the long term.