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After a stunning win at the Masters tournament at Augusta National Golf Club earlier this year, Tiger Woods appears to have revitalized his career in an unprecedented manner.

And his renewed commitment to personal success did not come easy: Battling a number of personal shortcomings stemming from relationship and substance abuse issues that are said to have taken hold early in his career, Woods had to rely on his remarkable dedication to the game to pull himself back from the abyss and once again find his stride as one of the world’s top golfers.

Indeed, in golfing history, Woods undoubtedly ranks alongside Jack Nicklaus as one of the greatest players of all time. Even as he overcomes a serious back injury, Woods remains committed and self-disciplined when it comes to his golfing practice regime. And in a recent video tutorial for Golf Digest, the pro also revealed that there is one particular drill that he emphasizes above all others when spending time honing his craft.

Based around a short-distance putting exercise, Woods first uses his right hand to tap shots over short distances on the green; he then switches back and forth between hands and also uses traditional grips on the putter to give his shots a laser-like focus and accuracy. According to Woods, the objective in completing such exercises lies in creating a natural swing that always hits the ball with the center of the club face. If everything goes well, in other words, the drill will reinforce a player’s muscle memory until perfectly-centered shots become almost second-nature.

As Woods will happily point out to skeptics, most golfers tend to focus on centering their shots only when they’re using a driver or an iron; too often, time spent learning to center shots on the green is neglected. For Tiger, it’s clear that true power in golfing doesn’t just exist in a player’s approach to their long game; to really improve as players, most individuals will need to regularly put the kind of effort that they put into our drives into their putting exercises.

Whatever a person’s view on Tiger’s approach to the great game of golf, it is clear that most players will stand to improve spending time centering putting shots on the practice green. It may initially feel awkward to put principles related to long-distance shots into short-distance puts, but it is clear that the method has paid off remarkably well for Tiger Woods. And his is the kind of record that certainly speaks for itself.